Natural stones such as granite, marble, and soapstone offer uniqueness and character like no other material.  Its true beauty is best appreciated by viewing and selecting in person.  With hundreds of slabs in stock, let us help you hand-pick your stone. 


This product starts out with 93% +/- natural quartz and then is combined with polymers and pigments to produce the familiar slab form that is then transformed into countertops, etc.  There are many quality manufacturers of quartz surfacing, producing a true range of solids to patterns in every color of the rainbow, even some that would make Mother Nature herself envious.


As with natural stone or quartz, solid surfacing provides an extensive selection of tones and patterns to fill any design objective.  Solid surface is manufactured through a mixture of acrylic or polyester and minerals.  There is an inherent warmth to the touch with a solid surface, instead of the sleek coolness of stone.   Its properties allow for inconspicuous seaming when joined.