An igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar.  Hundreds of colors can be found naturally, which makes its earthly beauty a perfect design element to homes or buildings.  It is extremely durable, as it is not easily chipped or damaged by heat.  Granite adds to the overall value of the home because it is easy to maintain and has a distinctive, quality look.


A hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone that appears naturally in a wide range of colors and features elegant veining.  Since it is capable of taking a polish, marble makes a popular choice for many home and business owners.  However, since it is a softer material than granite, it requires more care to maintain its original luster and can acquire a worn patina over time in heavy use areas.


A soft metamorphic rock consisting largely of talc and is described to have a “soapy” feel.  It appears naturally in a modest range of hues and is an appealing choice for many applications due to its durability, stain and heat resistance, and is unaffected by acids.


A sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, often composed from organic remains such as sea mollusks and corals.  Most limestones have a subtle texture due these fossils which gives this stone its unique character and appearance.


Slate has a more quiet and casual feel with its gray, green, or bluish tones.  It is a metamorphic rock that can easily be split into smooth, flat pieces which lends itself well to lower traffic applications.


Nothing complements a natural stone countertop more than a beautiful custom wood top.  Heritage Wood is offered in more than 30 unique color options – classic, exotic and even reclaimed wood countertops.  A unique aspect of natural wood is the fact that the color of the surface changes over time. This color change is caused by the wood’s exposure to light and air (oxidation) and will vary by species. Browse the Heritage Wood gallery (link will take you to an external site) to discover the perfect wood countertop for you.