Dekton comes to Eastern Surfaces

Eastern Surfaces is pleased to announce their exclusive, certified fabrication capabilities for Cosentino’s latest product launch, Dektona new ultra-compact surface.

Cosentino is the world’s leading manufacturer of quartz, natural stone, and recycled surfaces.  The introduction of Dekton is their most significant new product launch since its development of Silestone natural quartz in the early-90’s.

Dekton Fab. Cert. Presentation

Cosentino has invested 172 million dollars into the new product, including 22,000 hours of research and development and the construction of a new state-of-the-art factory at the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Spain.

The product is made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile, and natural quartz.  It’s manufacturing process is called Particle Sintering Technology(PST), which was developed solely by Cosentino’s R&D team.  PST is essentially an accelerated version of metamorphism or the “change in form” that rocks and stone undergo in nature when subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years.  To manufacture Dekton, Cosentino has reduced this process to four hours with extreme heat and pressure resulting in an entirely new category of material – the ultra-compact surface.

DEKTON Interior 1

Dekton’s superior technical characteristics provide unique UV resistanceexceptional strength, high resistance to impact, scratches& abrasion, plus very low water absorption and thermal shock resistance.   It is available in 10 colors, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

To learn more about Dekton, contact Eastern Surfaces.