Employee Spotlight: Meet Ellen, Scheduling Assistant

In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, we are sharing the stories of some of our incredible team members. Thank you to all of our wonderful employees for all you do to help us provide our customers with the optimum countertop experience!

Meet Ellen Nuscher

We’re happy to be able to welcome new employees to the Eastern Surfaces team! Ellen Nuscher has been with the company for just over a month as our Scheduling Assistant.

In her role, she contacts customers with scheduled dates and time frames for their template and installation/repair visits and gathers information to flesh out job details on initial calls. She also analyzes how days are routed for templaters and installers to see if changes can be made to lessen drive times.

Learn More About Ellen:

What is your favorite part about working at Eastern Surfaces?

“Looking out through the showroom windows onto the production area and getting a glimpse of the whole process – full slabs and finished cut outs in the same room. Watching the saws work is very calming. I try to do this once every afternoon for a few minutes.”

What is something your co-workers may not know about you?

“I am married to an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and work part-time as a church secretary.”

What is one skill you would love to learn?

“American Sign Language.”