Why We Love Warm Kitchen Color Schemes

Fall is here—and the days are not only getting shorter but also colder. Warming things up sounds like a good idea … not just the temperature, but also your home renovation color palette!

For a number of years, whites and greys have dominated the decorating world. Although these cooler tones are still very strong and popular, warm tones are making a comeback. This is good news for those who have always favored warm kitchen color schemes — or are working with existing cabinetry or design elements in these hues.

A Wide Variety of Warm Colors

More and more manufacturers offer more colors with warm tones, making it easier for homeowners to find the right shade that works with what they have.

Brittanicca Gold warm kitchen color schemes

Plus, you can also find a variety of colors that bridge the contrast between grey and beige, commonly known as “greige.”

Timeless Appeal & Versatility

Countertop materials come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and even textures. But homeowners choose warm, neutral tones more often due to their timeless appeal and decorating versatility.

It’s wise to go neutral with the more permanent items in your home—like cabinets and countertops—because the palette offers you more flexibility throughout the years when it comes to accessorizing with wall paint, hardware and decorative pieces like artwork and dishware.

And for anyone considering resale in the next few years, neutral tones offer the widest appeal to potential buyers.

The Heart of the Home

Warm kitchen color schemes have long been known for their inviting and friendly feel. This makes warm colors a perfect backdrop for the kitchen—often termed “the heart of the home.”

So, if you are just beginning or in the middle of planning a countertop project in your home, check out all the options, both warm and cool, to see what will work best for your vision and family’s lifestyle.

Unsure of how to pull it all together? Let the pros of Eastern Surfaces’ sales staff help you find the perfect look. Give a call and schedule a showroom visit today.